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Carpet Restretching Services

Oct 29, 2022      Share:   

Along with GREEN and organic carpet cleaning that is safe for children, adults and pets, Eastern Carpet Care can also restretch and repair carpet. Have you ever noticed your carpet bunching up around doorways or carpet ripples in certain places around a room? If so, you may want to inquire about the carpet stretching services from Eastern Carpet Care.

What is Carpet Stretching?

Carpet stretching is a process that involves pulling the carpeting tighter and re-securing it to the tack or anchor strips located along the perimeter of the room in the sub-flooring. A successful carpet stretching / carpet restretching will remove any ripples, bunches or loose areas in the carpet restoring the floor to its original condition and looking new again.

What are the Benefits of Carpet Restretching

The two main benefits or carpet restretching are that it can save you replacement costs for new carpet as well as enhance the safety of your home.

Saving Replacement Costs
Many homeowners think that the only way to improve the look or rippled and bunched carpet is to replace it. A professional carpet stretching (and cleaning) can restore the new look to your existing carpet.

Rippled, loose and bunched carpet is a tripping hazard. Bunching frequently happens near door ways and near stairs, and having your rippled carpets professionally restretched by Eastern Carpet Care can help to eliminate these hazards.

Other Carpet Repair Services from Eastern Carpet Care

Eastern Carpet Care can also relay and replace worn or damaged carpet padding with new padding. If there has been any type of water damage to your carpet, the carpet pad will almost always need to be replaced. Along with our expertise in cleaning Oriental rugs, Eastern Carpet Care can repair, re-fringe and rebind any damaged Oriental rugs.

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