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Area Rugs / Oriental Rugs

Rug Cleaning Experts Specializing in Fine Area Rugs and Oriental Rugs

Do your Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, Turkish, hand woven rugs, and tufted / hooked rugs need a professional cleaning? Regardless of the type of rug, Eastern Carpet Care specializes in caring for your area rugs via our take out wash and cleaning service.

New Jersey Oriental Rugs Care
Eastern Carpet Care - We'll Remove Your Fine Rugs for Take Out Cleaning

Oriental rugs are taken out of our customer's location to our facility. Oriental / Area rug cleaning consists of:

*Under certain circumstances, oriental rugs can be cleaned in house.

Pictures of Eastern Carpet Care's Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

If your Oriental rug is damaged, ask about Eastern Carpet Care's service to repair, refringe and rebind any damaged Oriental rug.

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