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Flood & Water Damage Restoration

Water damage to your carpets can happen from flooding or a broken pipe, leaking roof, burst water heater or overflowing appliance. Even a small leak or flood can saturate your carpet enough to lead to mold, bacteria and mildew growth.

New Jersey Flood & Water Damaged Carpet
Time is Critical for Flood & Water Damaged Carpet

Reaction Time is Critical!

The first step after water damages carpet is to have it dried as soon as possible. The longer the carpet is under water or wet, the less likely it is that it can be restored. Eastern Carpet Care will provide a free estimate to clean your carpets after water damage or flooding.

Carpet Repair and New Padding

If there has been any type of water damage to your carpet, the carpet pad will almost always need to be replaced. Eastern Carpet Care can replace your carpet's padding, as well as restretch carpet to remove any ripples or bunched up areas.

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